Saturday, November 8, 2008

Adorable boutique

Tom and Lucy's Art Shoppe

I think this boutique would definately be worth your time! My friend Marie is so creative and does some amazing things and her and her friend have put together this boutique! Several different crafters will be there selling their fabulous makings! Click on the picture for details!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Okay! I know I am an awful mom! I havent posted pictures of my kids but, I am so excited about my shopping trip today that I had to share the great deals I got! I just started couponing a couple of months ago so, I am just getting use to it all! This shopping trip made me so excited because of what I got for the amount I spent! So, I got 6 bottles of All Free and clear laundry soap 3x concentrate(about 6 months worth of laundry soap), 6 lunchables ( my kids dig these), Q-tips(500 ct), 3 lb bag of onions, Best Foods mayo, Crisco Extra Virgin olive oil, 3 boxes of Liptons onion soup mix( always use in different recipes), 2 Smart Ones meals and 3 Betty Crocker cake mixes. I did use some coupons but, at Albertsons this week on select items you spend $30 you get $15 off your next shopping trip. So, I did my $30 worth of the select items first. The cashier then printed my coupons and I used it for the other stuff that I needed. So my grand total out of pocket for all of this was $31.53! Wahoo! I am so excited. After the $15 and then my coupons I saved $69.80!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Its Official

So yes it is official I am the worst blogger ever! I of course find time to blog stalk everybody else but, never for some reason find time to update mine! So this is going to be alot of pictures from things we have done so far this summer! I will be absent for awhile after this post becasue I am starting my long path to becoming a nurse tommorrow! I am starting out by getting my CNA and then will start the long road to getting my RN! I am so excited but, at the same time I am so scared! I havent been to school forever and I dont think that my brain works that way anymore! It has been stuck in mommy mode for way to long! I am still going to go for it! I have wanted this for ever and now that my kids are getting older I feel that now is the time for me to start! I am sure when I am done with this CNA course I will have some stories for all of you! Wish me luck! p.s. I am still trying to lose weight but, I cant figure out how to update my ticker! I have currently lost 4 pounds! Yes I am slow! I know!

Tucker and Amber at the Bess game on the 4th!

Next to the Bees field is a street called Paxton Ave, we thought that was pretty cool!

Grandpa sitting next to the toothless Paxton at the Bees game!

Grandma and Caleb at the Bees game!

Caleb at the cool Splash park in Riverton!

Paxton, Afton, Luke and Caleb at the Splash park! (best neighbors ever)

Caleb and his future wife!

Paxton swimming at grandmas!

Paxton and Caleb at the zoo!

Caleb, grandma and Paxton at the zoo!


Luke, Caleb, Paxton and Afton at the petting zoo at Thankgiving Pointe!


Caleb at Thanksgiving pointe!

Caleb and Paxton at the fountains at Gateway!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Favorite Things Swap

So I found this through a friend and thought that it sounds really fun! I dont know if anyone else would be interested but, I posted the link on my side bar! Just a little f.y.i!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Weigh in

This is where I am going to be doing my weight in every Monday! I figure that if I have to post it on something that people I see and care about look at then maybe I will stick to it! Who knows! Nothing has worked yet! Maybe this will be the thing! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Click to play California 2008
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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Couch Surfing

So I came across such a cool thing! It is called! It is a website you sign up for and there are like 500,000 members from around the world that offer their couches to other members for free! You do have to offer yours if you are a part of it! I dont really think it is that great of an idea with young kids at home. It would be a great way to travel the world for really cheap! Just thought I would pass it along!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Watch Out California Here We Come

So it is time for our annual family Disney trip! This time we are making a stop in San Diego to visit Sea World! I am so excited! I think this vacation is more for me then anyone! My kids would go anywhere! My husband keeps saying, "when are we going to go on a trip with just us and not the kids?" I told him that I guess we can skip Disneyland next year and do a trip for our ten year anniversary! We are heading out tomorrow morning bright and early around 4:00 am! BYE!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just thinking

My friend Marie was invited to be a guest writer on a blog called Design mom and she was talking about how kids and parents dont realize that kids learn through playing and how important it is. I know sometimes my kids are playing with friends and they get in a little argument or fight and I get all frustrated. I have never really looked at it as they are learning. Marie said a great thing in her post that she learned while going to college for Early Education and I love it: "Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand. I know that on the things I do day to day I dont really let me kids help because I want to get it done fast or the way I want it done. I need to slow down and let them be more involved in everything even if it does take 10 times longer! I want them to turn out the best they can be!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Thanks alot Mandy!

Who do you love? Josh, Paxton, Caleb, Family, my dogs, Jesus

How long have you been Married? It will be 9 years in October! I cant beleive we have really made it this far! The first 7 1/2 years were heck but is much better now! Love ya babe!

How long did you date? 1.5 years propably not long enough!

Who is taller? Josh but, I am way fatter!

Who is Smarter? Josh is way more book smart but, I am more artistic and socially smart! Ha ha just kidding! Kind of!

Who does the Laundry? Me but Josh does the ironing

Who pays the bills? Well I am in charge of them but, I am not so good at it! I get in trouble sometimes!

Who mows the lawn? I mow and stuff and Josh edges

Who cooks dinner? Me 95% Josh 5%

Who drives? Josh usually drives around town but, in 2 weeks when we go to Disneyland I will be driving!

I know tag: Shannon, Jessica W, Dusti O, Nene F, Amy S

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Caleb is one of a kind! You never know what is going to come out of his mouth! He is into break dancing lately. He thinks he can spin on his head! He really cant yet but, he tries really hard! Caleb and I are joined at the hip! We are together 24/7! I think that both of us sometimes need a break from each other! I love him so much! It is funny how 2 kids from the same parents can be so different! This is a picture of Caleb and I waiting for our friends Tiffany and Keeley for lunch yesterday! We were bored so started taking pictures! Keeley is such a cute baby and Caleb is always trying to help with her! He was playing the guitar for her over the weekend and yesterday was clicking his toungue for her! He does love babies but, he told my mom that I was allergic to babies so we cant have anymore! He is a hoot! I love all of my boys so much!

Paxtons field trip

On Wed I had the oppurtunity to volunteer for Paxton's fieldtrip! We went to Thanksgiving Pointe! First we went to the gardens and then to the Farm! It was fun except for the fact that my group consisted of five out of control 7 year olds! They were crazy! Two of them got into a little fight and one got a fat lip! I did have alot of fun! I love being able to volunteer at the school! Paxton is an awesome kid! I love him so much!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Im Back

I am back! I havent really been in the mood to blog lately. Today we had a really fun day. We woke up and went to the Saratoga Springs egg hunt. Really it wasnt worth it! I think that everybody that lives out in this general area was there. Really my kids just got like 3-4 little eggs each. It was drama because Caleb got one more egg then Paxton! Boys are way to competitive! Then later in the day we died Easter eggs! That is always fun! We love doing projects as a family! Now we are getting ready to have a family movie night which is one of our favorite things to do as a family. We make some good popcorn and usually watch a really entertaining movie. Its basically free and something my kids look forward to every weekend! By the way everybody has to go and see Horton! We went lastnight and it is for sure one of the best movies out there! Way worth the money!

Last Sunday morning bright and early at 8 am Paxton got hit in the noggin with a golf club by his brother! We had to make an emergency room trip bright and early and get some stitches. Paxton was trying to use his stitches to get him out of school on Monday. The nurse then reminded him that "Chicks dig scars." So then he was okay with it!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Easy recipes

I get really sick of having to make the same recipes! I was told about this website and I think it is really cool. Just give them your email and they will send you a weeks worth of recipes and the shopping list for those recipes! How cool is that! Here it is

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Itty Bitty Ball

Caleb started Itty Bitty Ball yesterday with his buddy Luke! It is pretty fun. They go Mon, Wed and Friday for an hour and learn a different sport each day! They got put on team Spiderman and they thought that was pretty cool!

Caleb and his coach!
Luke and Caleb
Team Spiderman

Remeber When

Remeber the things we use to think were really cool when we were little? I think it is pretty cool he thinks it is so cool! He can keep thinkin that!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


When I changed my background I erased everything! What did I do? I dont know what I am doing! If anyone knows how to get my stuff back tell me please!

Winter Blues

So I dont know if anyone else is feelin it but, I am for sure having some winter blues. The kids being sick, the weather being bad, or the air being to bad to go outside. If its not one thing it another! I am so sick of being stuck in this house. I had to change my template because I totally have Spring fever and really want to be out gardening! I cant wait! I feel like all I ever do is house work, cook, blog, read peoples blogs, laundry. It is never ending and I need something different! Help!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


First off I want to say how glad I am that yesterday is over! After waiting until 6:00 lastnight to find out where Paxton's bus was in the storm! I finally found him after receiving a call from the school that he was back at the Elementary! I was so releived to find him safe and sound!
Today being Valentines I wanted to start a fun tradition with my family since I have never really done anything for this day before! I decided to do a candle light dinner with the family! I just made waffles, strawberries and whipping cream! It was really fun and the boys thought it was great! I also was in charge of Paxton's Valentines party at school. It was really fun! I love doing stuff with him at his school.
My neighbor Camilly made these cute strawberry mice and I just had to show how cute they were! I love them!
Valentines mice our neighbor brought us!
Paxton and his cool pirahna Valentine box!

The boys excited for our candle light dinner!

Vaentines table!

Caleb and his best bud Luke!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Last night Josh got home from work and I caught the boys on the stairs having a little bit of bromance. I never get that! I think its because me and the kids are together everyday all day! I take care of them and what do I get? Just kidding they are great kids. They always make me cards and color me pictures! I love them so much! What would my days be like without them?

Monday, February 4, 2008


Dont laugh at my random music choices. I am sure my husband will think it is quite a mix! I had a really hard time even thinking of any artists names to pick songs from. You all know me and my musical talent! Hope you enjoy! The first song fits our family!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Peer pressure

So I decided since everyone I know has a blog I should propably take the time to try and do this. Everyone always says check out our blog, what is yours? My answer was always I have no ideas how to do that. So I decided to try because I always tell my kids to Try and never give up, you can do whatever you put your mind to. I really dont know what I am doing but, will hopefully get better as I go!

Today was another one of those days in Utah. A dreadful blizzard again. I dont remember ever getting this much snow in one season. I really am getting sick of having to be cooped up in the house. I think my kids have seen enough of the ugly side of me. It seems because of not being able to leave the house I have no patience for anything. So I decided to take the kids outside and try to have some fun in the snow!

Paxton and Caleb being very helpful!
Paxton sitting on our sleigh riding hill!
Caleb attempting to got down our hill on a garbage bag!
Paxton and Caleb in front of grandma and grandpas on Friday! They have much more after todays storm!