Saturday, November 8, 2008

Adorable boutique

Tom and Lucy's Art Shoppe

I think this boutique would definately be worth your time! My friend Marie is so creative and does some amazing things and her and her friend have put together this boutique! Several different crafters will be there selling their fabulous makings! Click on the picture for details!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Okay! I know I am an awful mom! I havent posted pictures of my kids but, I am so excited about my shopping trip today that I had to share the great deals I got! I just started couponing a couple of months ago so, I am just getting use to it all! This shopping trip made me so excited because of what I got for the amount I spent! So, I got 6 bottles of All Free and clear laundry soap 3x concentrate(about 6 months worth of laundry soap), 6 lunchables ( my kids dig these), Q-tips(500 ct), 3 lb bag of onions, Best Foods mayo, Crisco Extra Virgin olive oil, 3 boxes of Liptons onion soup mix( always use in different recipes), 2 Smart Ones meals and 3 Betty Crocker cake mixes. I did use some coupons but, at Albertsons this week on select items you spend $30 you get $15 off your next shopping trip. So, I did my $30 worth of the select items first. The cashier then printed my coupons and I used it for the other stuff that I needed. So my grand total out of pocket for all of this was $31.53! Wahoo! I am so excited. After the $15 and then my coupons I saved $69.80!