Tuesday, February 19, 2008


When I changed my background I erased everything! What did I do? I dont know what I am doing! If anyone knows how to get my stuff back tell me please!

Winter Blues

So I dont know if anyone else is feelin it but, I am for sure having some winter blues. The kids being sick, the weather being bad, or the air being to bad to go outside. If its not one thing it another! I am so sick of being stuck in this house. I had to change my template because I totally have Spring fever and really want to be out gardening! I cant wait! I feel like all I ever do is house work, cook, blog, read peoples blogs, laundry. It is never ending and I need something different! Help!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


First off I want to say how glad I am that yesterday is over! After waiting until 6:00 lastnight to find out where Paxton's bus was in the storm! I finally found him after receiving a call from the school that he was back at the Elementary! I was so releived to find him safe and sound!
Today being Valentines I wanted to start a fun tradition with my family since I have never really done anything for this day before! I decided to do a candle light dinner with the family! I just made waffles, strawberries and whipping cream! It was really fun and the boys thought it was great! I also was in charge of Paxton's Valentines party at school. It was really fun! I love doing stuff with him at his school.
My neighbor Camilly made these cute strawberry mice and I just had to show how cute they were! I love them!
Valentines mice our neighbor brought us!
Paxton and his cool pirahna Valentine box!

The boys excited for our candle light dinner!

Vaentines table!

Caleb and his best bud Luke!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Last night Josh got home from work and I caught the boys on the stairs having a little bit of bromance. I never get that! I think its because me and the kids are together everyday all day! I take care of them and what do I get? Just kidding they are great kids. They always make me cards and color me pictures! I love them so much! What would my days be like without them?

Monday, February 4, 2008


Dont laugh at my random music choices. I am sure my husband will think it is quite a mix! I had a really hard time even thinking of any artists names to pick songs from. You all know me and my musical talent! Hope you enjoy! The first song fits our family!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Peer pressure

So I decided since everyone I know has a blog I should propably take the time to try and do this. Everyone always says check out our blog, what is yours? My answer was always I have no ideas how to do that. So I decided to try because I always tell my kids to Try and never give up, you can do whatever you put your mind to. I really dont know what I am doing but, will hopefully get better as I go!

Today was another one of those days in Utah. A dreadful blizzard again. I dont remember ever getting this much snow in one season. I really am getting sick of having to be cooped up in the house. I think my kids have seen enough of the ugly side of me. It seems because of not being able to leave the house I have no patience for anything. So I decided to take the kids outside and try to have some fun in the snow!

Paxton and Caleb being very helpful!
Paxton sitting on our sleigh riding hill!
Caleb attempting to got down our hill on a garbage bag!
Paxton and Caleb in front of grandma and grandpas on Friday! They have much more after todays storm!