Friday, April 25, 2008

Watch Out California Here We Come

So it is time for our annual family Disney trip! This time we are making a stop in San Diego to visit Sea World! I am so excited! I think this vacation is more for me then anyone! My kids would go anywhere! My husband keeps saying, "when are we going to go on a trip with just us and not the kids?" I told him that I guess we can skip Disneyland next year and do a trip for our ten year anniversary! We are heading out tomorrow morning bright and early around 4:00 am! BYE!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just thinking

My friend Marie was invited to be a guest writer on a blog called Design mom and she was talking about how kids and parents dont realize that kids learn through playing and how important it is. I know sometimes my kids are playing with friends and they get in a little argument or fight and I get all frustrated. I have never really looked at it as they are learning. Marie said a great thing in her post that she learned while going to college for Early Education and I love it: "Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand. I know that on the things I do day to day I dont really let me kids help because I want to get it done fast or the way I want it done. I need to slow down and let them be more involved in everything even if it does take 10 times longer! I want them to turn out the best they can be!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Thanks alot Mandy!

Who do you love? Josh, Paxton, Caleb, Family, my dogs, Jesus

How long have you been Married? It will be 9 years in October! I cant beleive we have really made it this far! The first 7 1/2 years were heck but is much better now! Love ya babe!

How long did you date? 1.5 years propably not long enough!

Who is taller? Josh but, I am way fatter!

Who is Smarter? Josh is way more book smart but, I am more artistic and socially smart! Ha ha just kidding! Kind of!

Who does the Laundry? Me but Josh does the ironing

Who pays the bills? Well I am in charge of them but, I am not so good at it! I get in trouble sometimes!

Who mows the lawn? I mow and stuff and Josh edges

Who cooks dinner? Me 95% Josh 5%

Who drives? Josh usually drives around town but, in 2 weeks when we go to Disneyland I will be driving!

I know tag: Shannon, Jessica W, Dusti O, Nene F, Amy S

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Caleb is one of a kind! You never know what is going to come out of his mouth! He is into break dancing lately. He thinks he can spin on his head! He really cant yet but, he tries really hard! Caleb and I are joined at the hip! We are together 24/7! I think that both of us sometimes need a break from each other! I love him so much! It is funny how 2 kids from the same parents can be so different! This is a picture of Caleb and I waiting for our friends Tiffany and Keeley for lunch yesterday! We were bored so started taking pictures! Keeley is such a cute baby and Caleb is always trying to help with her! He was playing the guitar for her over the weekend and yesterday was clicking his toungue for her! He does love babies but, he told my mom that I was allergic to babies so we cant have anymore! He is a hoot! I love all of my boys so much!

Paxtons field trip

On Wed I had the oppurtunity to volunteer for Paxton's fieldtrip! We went to Thanksgiving Pointe! First we went to the gardens and then to the Farm! It was fun except for the fact that my group consisted of five out of control 7 year olds! They were crazy! Two of them got into a little fight and one got a fat lip! I did have alot of fun! I love being able to volunteer at the school! Paxton is an awesome kid! I love him so much!