Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas 2008

The weekend before Christmas since I was a kid we have always gone to Little America for Sunday bruch. Last year we started a tradition with our kids to go and stay the night before brunch at the hotel. The kids do their shopping for each other and the kids buy for mom and dad that weekend at Gateway. We then go to dinner and let the kids swim at the hotel. Then we wake up and meet my family at brunch. It is kind of fun for the kids to have that to look forward to every year!
Christmas this year seems like it flew by. This year we decided to sleep at grandma and grandpa Whites on Christmas Eve! Aunt Heather and uncle Tucker also slept over with us! It was a ton of fun! I think that santa is glad Christmas is over!
Caleb watching Paxton play his new DS game!
Look what santa brought!Paxton's new skateboard!

Uncle Tucker being cheesey!

Santa reading their letters!
Grandpa and Caleb at Little America brunch

Grandma and Paxton at Little America

I dont know how to rotate this but, kids with gorilla santa at Little America

Caleb and Paxton at Little America
Temple square
Caleb being goofy and using the snow brush as his new toothbrush!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big your boys are getting? Or how Old I am getting.. It looks like Christmas was a blast!

Jessica said...

Fun tradition. You didn't want to start a tradition of staying at our motel? :)

Fun to stay at your parents house. I am sure they loved it!

lacey said...

Hey Ashlie, I'm glad you updated some pictures!! Your family looks great, tell them hi for me! And your comments what your boys said were pretty funny! I'm just glad I have 2 girls!!