Thursday, June 25, 2009


So I know I am the biggest blog slacker there is. This and scrapbooking are not my thing I guess! I promise I will start doing better! Maybe! I just wanted to see what everyone things of my dream. I want to open something like this one day!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

New blog

Come and check out my new blog!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Funny things kids say

(Warning: If you get easily offended then dont read!)
I just thought I would journal a couple of funny comments my kids have made lately. I know this will propably be used against them when they get girlfriends but, it is to funny to not share!
All I have to say is that boys are way to into themselves starting at such an early age!

So here we go:
Caleb was in the bath and I was cleaning or something and he said to me, mom what is this???? I said what and went over to the bath and said oh those are your testicals. He said okay and dropped it. I went on doing whatever it was I was doing and Caleb said mom come and look. I went over and he said look it looks like a brain. To my surprise he was squeezing his testicals together and calling them a brain!

Okay for Paxton:
He was also in the bath the other day and he yells to be "Mom my penis is black. So I went and looked and I said I think that is just normal. Paxton said sometimes it changes colors. I said okay. He then said I think it is a mood penis. I just started laughing and walked out.

Little do my angels know, that is their first brain, the other one is not used as much as this one and it does change with their moods. I love my boys! They keep me laughing!

Christmas 2008

The weekend before Christmas since I was a kid we have always gone to Little America for Sunday bruch. Last year we started a tradition with our kids to go and stay the night before brunch at the hotel. The kids do their shopping for each other and the kids buy for mom and dad that weekend at Gateway. We then go to dinner and let the kids swim at the hotel. Then we wake up and meet my family at brunch. It is kind of fun for the kids to have that to look forward to every year!
Christmas this year seems like it flew by. This year we decided to sleep at grandma and grandpa Whites on Christmas Eve! Aunt Heather and uncle Tucker also slept over with us! It was a ton of fun! I think that santa is glad Christmas is over!
Caleb watching Paxton play his new DS game!
Look what santa brought!Paxton's new skateboard!

Uncle Tucker being cheesey!

Santa reading their letters!
Grandpa and Caleb at Little America brunch

Grandma and Paxton at Little America

I dont know how to rotate this but, kids with gorilla santa at Little America

Caleb and Paxton at Little America
Temple square
Caleb being goofy and using the snow brush as his new toothbrush!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Adorable boutique

Tom and Lucy's Art Shoppe

I think this boutique would definately be worth your time! My friend Marie is so creative and does some amazing things and her and her friend have put together this boutique! Several different crafters will be there selling their fabulous makings! Click on the picture for details!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Okay! I know I am an awful mom! I havent posted pictures of my kids but, I am so excited about my shopping trip today that I had to share the great deals I got! I just started couponing a couple of months ago so, I am just getting use to it all! This shopping trip made me so excited because of what I got for the amount I spent! So, I got 6 bottles of All Free and clear laundry soap 3x concentrate(about 6 months worth of laundry soap), 6 lunchables ( my kids dig these), Q-tips(500 ct), 3 lb bag of onions, Best Foods mayo, Crisco Extra Virgin olive oil, 3 boxes of Liptons onion soup mix( always use in different recipes), 2 Smart Ones meals and 3 Betty Crocker cake mixes. I did use some coupons but, at Albertsons this week on select items you spend $30 you get $15 off your next shopping trip. So, I did my $30 worth of the select items first. The cashier then printed my coupons and I used it for the other stuff that I needed. So my grand total out of pocket for all of this was $31.53! Wahoo! I am so excited. After the $15 and then my coupons I saved $69.80!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Its Official

So yes it is official I am the worst blogger ever! I of course find time to blog stalk everybody else but, never for some reason find time to update mine! So this is going to be alot of pictures from things we have done so far this summer! I will be absent for awhile after this post becasue I am starting my long path to becoming a nurse tommorrow! I am starting out by getting my CNA and then will start the long road to getting my RN! I am so excited but, at the same time I am so scared! I havent been to school forever and I dont think that my brain works that way anymore! It has been stuck in mommy mode for way to long! I am still going to go for it! I have wanted this for ever and now that my kids are getting older I feel that now is the time for me to start! I am sure when I am done with this CNA course I will have some stories for all of you! Wish me luck! p.s. I am still trying to lose weight but, I cant figure out how to update my ticker! I have currently lost 4 pounds! Yes I am slow! I know!

Tucker and Amber at the Bess game on the 4th!

Next to the Bees field is a street called Paxton Ave, we thought that was pretty cool!

Grandpa sitting next to the toothless Paxton at the Bees game!

Grandma and Caleb at the Bees game!

Caleb at the cool Splash park in Riverton!

Paxton, Afton, Luke and Caleb at the Splash park! (best neighbors ever)

Caleb and his future wife!

Paxton swimming at grandmas!

Paxton and Caleb at the zoo!

Caleb, grandma and Paxton at the zoo!


Luke, Caleb, Paxton and Afton at the petting zoo at Thankgiving Pointe!


Caleb at Thanksgiving pointe!

Caleb and Paxton at the fountains at Gateway!